House, Event Rental, RV Spaces & Discounted Parking 1/2 mile from Circuit of the Americas

Added by  SA Dream Homes // House & RV Spaces 1/2 mile from Circuit of the Americas

Price: $10 - $500
Address: FM Road 812
City: Elroy
State: TX
ZIP: 78617
MLS #: -
Square Feet:
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Basement: -

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Details, Pricing & Terms

House, Event Rental, RV Spaces & Discounted Parking 1/2 mile from Circuit of the Americas:

Beautiful Fully Furnished HOUSE:
  • I have a beautiful 4 Bed Room House with 2 Full Bath that can accommodate 8+ people easily.
  • Daily special: $500/day during Special Events and Races, $200 during regular weekday, cleaning fee of $75 at checkout.
    Debating between the comfort of a chic hotel & the thrill of more authentic accommodations? You will get best of both with this cozy 4 Bed Room and 2 Full Bath fully furnished Texas Style Ranch HOME along with 5 Acres of land next to international repute COTA & Formula 1 Track, and currently available for an incredibly low price $500/ Night!
Event Rental:
I have 5 Acres of Land with Huge Covered Patio to hose events half a mile from the COTA, please see the attached map. Call for pricing.
RV Spaces:
I have RV Spaces available for $100/night during special events or $250/weekend.
Discounted Parking during Race Weekends:
  • For Cars:
    Friday = $25
    Saturday = $35
    Sunday (Main Race) = $40
    ALL 3 DAYS = $45
  • For Motorcycles:
    Friday = $10
    Saturday = $10
    Sunday = $15
    ALL 3 DAys = $20
  • Secured payment by credit card! Complimentary Shuttle! 0.5 miles to the track and 1 minute Shuttle!
  • PLEASE CALL ME ASAP 210-744-9666.


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