Eco-Friendly Home in Central Austin

*NOW $500/night!* Listed by Amy M. Unique “Green Home” featured in national magazines.
Price: Now $500/night!
Address: Travis Heights at Monroe
City: Austin
State: TX
ZIP: 78704
MLS #: -
Square Feet: 700
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Basement: -

Travis Heights Eco House

Eco-Friendly Austin Straw Bale House in Travis Heights available for Austin Formula One Vacation Home Rental

[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_bath-entrance-in-bedroom-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Bedroom
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_chair-with-cross-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Cozy chair with natural light
Texas style and tranquility - Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_downtown-walking-view-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Walk to the hike-and-bike trail around Ladybird Lake
Superb location close to Riverside, Congress, and easy access to Interstate 35 - Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_kitchen-1-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Kitchen
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_back-porch-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Back Porch
Lovely porch made of natural Texas Cedar - Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_upstairs-of-house-partial-view-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Upstairs portion of house available for rent
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_stairs_backporch-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Stairs, Back Porch
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_stucco-exterior-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Stucco Exterior adds a rustic, Tex-Mex flair
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_milk-paint-wall-bamboo-stairs-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Eco-friendly materials like Milk Paint and Natural Fiber blinds
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_pets-downstairs-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Resident dogs will be at the house during rentals
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_bed-room-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Bedroom
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_wood-floor-bamboo-stairs-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Wood Floor, Bamboo Stairs
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_bedroom-2-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Bedroom
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_kitchen-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Kitchen
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
[img src=/wp-content/flagallery/travis-heights-eco-house/thumbs/thumbs_local-artist-tiled-bathroom-austin-f1-straw-bale-house.jpg]Local Artisan Tile
Eco-Friendly Austin F1 Vacation Rental Home
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  • “Straw Bale” – a totally organic house – to rent for F1 visitors.  The upstairs of the two story home will be yours.  It has a private entrance, 1 bedroom, 1 full bath, a dining room and reading alcove, a full kitchen, and two outside porches. It also has an entrance to washer and dryer room. There is free WiFi throughout the house, and upstairs has its own central heat and cooling system. The bedroom will sleep two (full size bed). The upstairs outside porch is all yours too.
  • This home has been featured in Southern Living and Natural Homes for its beauty and sustainability. For those with allergies or chemical sensitivity, all the building materials are renewable – floors are bamboo and recycled wood, paint is from milk, porches are native cedar.
  • This is in one of the most beautiful and centrally located neighborhoods in Austin. You can walk to the hike and bike trail too. Easy access to public bus transit.
  • The kitchen is totally equipped and I can provide coffee and breakfast for you.
  • The house is 8 miles to the Airport and another 6 to the track. (14.7 miles). It is 1/2 mile, easy walking distance to South Congress Avenue (SOCO) where the shops, restaurants, and famous food trailers are. You can walk over the famous Congress Avenue bat viewing bridge and be at the lake and downtown in another mile.
  • I have one off street parking place, and street parking is available.
$650 REDUCED to $500 a night includes coffee and breakfast. Tax is included in the price.
*Note: The owners and 2 dogs will be in the bottom story of the house during the rental period.

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Chair with cross Austin F1 straw bale house
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